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Who is Marla Stoch
Stay-at-Home mom of four, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Healthy and Lover of Good Food, 

I needed to find a way to balance quality time with my kids and contribute to the family income.  I needed something that was flexible, fun, and lucrative.  Do not mistake this for a get rich quick opportunity.  This is a business that needs nurturing, and hard work, but comes with great rewards; including a residual income and fantastic support.  The Network Marketing industry attracts people who do not just dream about what they want out of life they go for it. 

My company Loco4xoco featuring Xocai the Worlds Healthiest Chocolate.

9 out of 10 people love & crave chocolate & 50% cannot live without it!

The average person consumes over 12 lbs of chocolate per year!

HEALTHY CHOCOLATE is the #1 highest rated antioxidant food on the planet!

I am excited to share MXI’s “XOCAI CHOCOLATE” – (pronounced sho-sigh) with you. It is made of RICH DARK BELGIUM CHOCOLATE. It is different than the other chocolate you can buy in the grocery store, due to the patented cold processed technology. These products are produced with unprocessed, non-alkalized, non-lecithinized cacao powder, combined with the Acai berry and blueberries. The combination of these ingredients, in their natural state, provide a product that is packed full of the most powerful antioxidants! There are no refined sugars, fats, fillers, waxes, preservatives. Xocai is kosher, diabetic and vegan-friendly (select products).

Google Dark Chocolate and see the number of reputable studies backing up the thought that Chocolate is good for you. The benefits are from head to toe
In addition, Xocai is a lucrative business opportunity. MXI has the perfect combination for success. First of all people are already eating chocolate. It is a family run, debt-free business, with the infracture to do a billion dollars a year. The product is consumable, healthy, and based on cutting edge science.

Xocai is gaining recognition world-wide.  Already in Australia, Belguim, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Africa, UK and the USA. 

Feel free to browse my articles about Xocai Chocolate products and happenings on my Loco4xoco home page at http://loco4xoco.myhealthychocolateblog.com/

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